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Nkayelo Training and Conferencing is a private education, training and development provider, which offers a competitive range of learning programmes and training services to the Rainbow Nation. The aim of the institution is to contribute to the reconstruction and development of the new South Africa National Qualification Framework (NQF) by offering career focused Outcomes Based and Training (OBET) and to enhance the prospects of employment and self-employment for its valuable learners.

As part of compliance and alignment to the new National Qualifications Framework (NQF) legislation, which encourages the Trainer to seek support of the enterprise to provide learners with the opportunities to actively experiment and master the necessary behaviours and skills within the workplace. Our learning programs are designed to adequately compliment theory work with practical, in a manner that makes students readily useful in the work environment.

In view of the ever-increasing demand for improved quality of education, training and development, Nkayelo Training and Conferencing has embarked on a quality assurance programme aimed at being awarded “Accreditation” by Services SETA and other ETQAs.

Our corporate fortitude is made apparent in our drive and zeal for quality while remaining a sizeable small organisation. We possess a Quality Management System we believe is one of the best in our class, our QMS is strongly based on the Japanese ‘Kaizen’; Kaizen’s strategy calls for never-ending efforts for improvement involving everyone in the organization – managers and workers alike. Our Quality goal is ultimately to convert Nkayelo Training and Conferencing into a CIF (Continuous Improvement Firm).


Nkayelo Training and Conferencing aims at offering Professional, Exclusive Affluent and High Quality Education and Training services to the South African National and beyond in a conducive learning environment.

Nkayelo Training and Conferencing ‘aims to offer professional, Exclusive. Affluent and High Quality Education and Training services to the Rainbow Nation will be achieved through hard work, articulate and sound operational tactic coupled with carefully crafted Strategies. Nkayelo Training and Conferencing aims at attracting young talent to carry its vision through notwithstanding the provision of financial and other physical resources.


Nkayelo Training and Conferencing is committed to serving quality and competitive Education, Training and Development services, to satisfy customer expectations.

The mission of Nkayelo Training and Conferencing tabulated is as follows;


We will focus on our customers by developing new, quality driven & high-value services


Our Clients

  • Prasa Shosholoza Meyl
  • Prasa Corporate/Head Office
  • Optimum Coal Mine (Pty) Ltd
  • Government Pensions Administration Agency
  • Petro SA
  • Jwaneng Mine Botswana
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Tel: 011 672 1090/1082
Email: info@nkayelo.co.za


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